... Super Galaxy Knights Deluxe R - Summary





Book 1: Plague-Round Jamboree

Mizuki Sato visits King Zebugu to request aid for a mysterious crop die-out.


Chapter 1: Spear into the Unknown

Mizuki Sato leaves her home town to visit King Zebugu. She needs his aid to keep her village from starving. However, the local information guide, Lodu Rejafi, isn't going to let her pass that easily. Mizuki beats Lodu in a fight, and continues on her quest to see the king.


Chapter 2: Branching Narrative

While walking through the woods, Mizuki meets Cahe Wuwa, another adventurer looking to save his village from this plague. Instead of visiting the king, however, Cahe suggests visiting the Ancestral Tree- a talking tree which watches over Cahe's village. When they arrive at the tree, however, they find that it has been possessed by an evil spirit.

Mizuki and Cahe defeat the spirit, and ask the tree for aid. The tree refuses, because it is lazy and a jerk, and tells our heroes to visit the king instead. Mizuki and Cahe leave to continue their journey. At night, the two prepare for the next leg of their journey- into the Sikode Plains.


Chapter 3: Plain and Simple

Our heroes arrive in the town of Fort Sikode. They try to buy food at a local restaurant, but their service is denied. They are about to eat out of the trash behind the restaurant when they are saved by the governor of the Sikode Plains, Gynu Ludi. He takes them to his house, and offers them a change of clothes, bedrooms, and dinner for the night. Mizuki and Cahe wash up and get ready for dinner.

As they approach the dining hall, they meet Suzigu Ludi, who is also the governor of the Sikode Plains. She is Gynu's twin sister. During the day, Gynu is the governor, and at night, Suzigu takes over his duties. After the meal, Mizuki and Cahe ask if the governors can spare any food to send to their starving villages. The twins take our heroes to their food storage room, where they collect all surplus food for the village.

They reveal that they have been hit by the plague too, and can't afford to spare any food. Mizuki and Cahe cannot accept this. They wait until night, then sneak into the warehouse to steal as much food as they can carry. However, they find that Suzigu was already inside the warehouse, waiting for our heroes to pull this exact stunt!


Chapter 4: Boxing Match

Mizuki and Cahe fight the Ludi twins for control of the food. It is an uphill battle, thanks to Suzigu's control over shadows and, once he shows up, Gynu's control over fire. Our magic-less heroes are completely outclassed. However, they are able to defeat the twins in the end, by trapping them in a ring of boxes. Gynu and Suzigu agree to give our heroes' villages a small amount of food if they let them go. Mizuki and Cahe comply.

The next morning, Mizuki and Cahe leave the city to continue on their quest. The twins reveal that their magic grants them the power of flight- meaning they could have escaped the ring of crates anyway. Mizuki and Cahe debate over what could be done to become stronger, so they can beat any future enemies they come across.


Chapter 5: Do You Sea What I Sea?

Mizuki and Cahe realize that the fastest way to get to the king is by boat- so they make plans to head to Cunoze City by ferry the next morning, before taking another ferry up to King Zebugu's castle. However, this won't be a simple pleasure cruise- only an hour into their ride, a magic-using archer robs the passengers blind! Mizuki and Cahe fight the archer- but she has powerful magic techniques, like her Homing and Rapid-Fire arrows, to take them on. Eventually, Mizuki tricks the archer into getting hit by her own attack, ending the battle and saving the ship. They arrive at Cunoze City, only to find that their next leg will be delayed by a few hours. They'll have to spend time in the most dangerous city on the planet...


Chapter 6: Ganging Up

Mizuki and Cahe are wandering around Cunoze City when they are assaulted by two of the island's many gangsters. Our heroes are on the ropes when they are suddenly rescued by a mysterious stranger- with incredible strength and the ability to shoot plasma. Her name is Pejiba Va, and she is a vigilante- searching for her parents' killer. Mizuki and Cahe agree to help her out while they wait for their boat, so the three head to another street. There they encounter a gangster named Holoclone. He uses his ability on Mizuki, putting her to sleep, and creating an army of Mizuki-clones that he has control over. In order to beat Holoclone, Cahe stabs him in the chest, killing him. The police immediately arrive and arrest our three heroes, and they wait for their interrogation.

The trio's interrogator arrives. His name is Xobulu Horajufa, the chief of police in Cunoze City. After a bumbled interrogation, the Chief admits that he was the one who killed Pejiba's parents. The four arrange a battle on the roof of the police station. There, we see a collection of model airplanes, all sizes. Chief Horajufa activates his ability, which grants him control over model airplanes. He uses his planes to carry all four of them into the sky, and brings the rest of his models along for the ride. After some deliberation, Mizuki and Pejiba determine that Chief Horajufa can only control one plane at a time. Using this knowledge, Mizuki jumps along the planes over to where the Chief is standing, tricking him into sending the planes away as she does. Once she has a clear line of sight, Pejiba uses her knockoff cannon technique, burning Chief Horajufa and knocking him to the ground. Mizuki realizes that their ferry is ready to leave, and Cahe realizes that Xobulu's magic cut off after his death. Pejiba picks Cahe and Mizuki up off of the falling aircraft, and uses the recoil from her knockoff cannon to send the three of them to the boat, just in the nick of time. The three sail away to continue on their adventure, Pejiba falling asleep from lack of energy.


Chapter 7: It's Electric

Mizuki, Cahe, and Pejiba are walking to Wasuze Village, where the Giduli Royal Army is based. Mizuki is interested in learning how to use magic. Pejiba teaches her the basics, but Mizuki isn't really getting it. The three arrive in the village and check into a hotel – Pejiba sharing a room with Mizuki, and Cahe getting a room on his own. Pejiba is teaching Mizuki how to focus her emotions better when Cahe knocks on the door. He invites Pejiba to dinner in the restaurant across the street, and she accepts. At the restaurant, the two listen to a rocker with electric powers named Electric Zebra, and begin to fall for each other.

The next morning, the trio begins to leave town, when they are stopped by a pair of soldiers for attempting to visit the king. Our heroes fight the two soldiers, whose abilities revolve around manipulating bullets. The soldiers come for backup from General Zofuhu. Zofuhu – also known as Electric Zebra – arrives. Our heroes battle Electric Zebra, but his electricity and cloud-based powers are too much for them. The two soldiers grab Pejiba and shoot her arms. Due to his feelings for Pejiba, Cahe unlocks a magic ability. He shoots beams out of his sword, slicing the soldiers into pieces. He catches Pejiba as she falls, and they kiss. Electric Zebra, seeing the true love on display, decides to let the trio walk free.


Chapter 8: Magic and Majesty

Pejiba is recovering in the hotel, and Cahe is watching her – so Mizuki goes to talk to King Zebugu alone. At first, King Zebugu seems friendly. He listens to Mizuki, and agrees to tell her what's been going on. He takes her to his royal kitchen, and reveals that he stole all the food for himself, to eat in one giant meal.

Mizuki attacks Zebugu. Zebugu retaliates by showing off his magic ability – which grants him control over air. Mizuki still has no magic ability of her own, so she resorts to using abilities that she's seen throughout her journey. This method of fighting exhausts Mizuki, and Zebugu is able to get some powerful hits in, but the sheer number of powers that Mizuki uses is enough to keep the king on his toes. Soon enough, however, Mizuki is out of energy, is coughing up blood, and has a ton of broken bones. King Zebugu declares that Mizuki is defeated. Mizuki uses Kindergartener's “I'm Rubber, You're Glue” technique to reflect the insult back, defeating the king. Zebugu sends the food back, and agrees to become a better person in the future. Mizuki reunites with Cahe and Pejiba, and the three of them walk off to get some food.



Book 2: Nothing is Wrong

All the magic in the world is gone - can Mizuki stop King Zebugu's plans and bring it back?!


Chapter 1: Only One Talent To Show

Mizuki is back at work at Farms R We. She's super tired, but she's still excited to use her magic to win tomorrow's talent show. Mizuki passes out after using her magic to help a little boy. She wakes up the next day completely refreshed. At the talent show, however, she realizes that her magic is completely gone. She runs off to investigate while her boss and adoptive dad, Mr. Enetoro, stalls for time.

The Ancestral Tree reveals to Mizuki that King Zebugu shut down the magic portal, which is the reason all the magic is gone. The tree also reveals that each of Zebugu's most trusted governors are carrying one of the magic gems that's used to keep the portal open. Mizuki takes the gem from the tree, and heads over to Cahe's house for backup. At Cahe's house, Mizuki finds Pejiba. Turns out, the two are married and have a baby, who they named after Electric Zebra. Because of this, they can't come with her on this adventure. However, they do give her a tip on which governor to visit next – Zaxaty Go, King Zebugu's sister. Mizuki borrows Cahe's map and goes on her merry way.


Chapter 2: There's An Alarm! In The Art Gallery

Mizuki heads to Doveca City on Doveca Island only to find all the residents falling down around her. They explain that they normally wear roller skates everywhere as part of their culture. However, after Zaxaty locked herself in her castle, they took the roller skates off. Thus, the trouble with walking. Mizuki went to visit Zaxaty and found that her magic ability was art. With no magic, Zaxaty's life was in ruins. However, Zaxaty agreed with her brother's goals more than her own needs, so she opted to stand up to Mizuki. Zaxaty had a huge advantage over Mizuki due to her roller skates. Mizuki had to trick Zaxaty out of the skates to win the fight. After one more gem taken and some friendly flirting, Mizuki continued on her quest to the nearest region – Vepyxu City.


Chapter 3: Having A Sword Sure Beats Having A Pen

In Vepyxu City, Mizuki has no idea where the governor's house is. She asks a mysterious scuba man, who tells her the directions and the password to get in (in admittedly a very rude way). At the house, she meets Governor/Mayor Taci Ramino. Taci Ramino says that because he doesn't have any magic, King Zebugu didn't give him a gem. He then warns Mizuki about Sword Warrior, an incredibly dangerous fighter who prowls the streets at night.

At night, Mizuki notices that the gems were stolen out of her pockets through the open window. She climbs up a nearby skyscraper and finds Sword Warrior. Mizuki fights him in an attempt to get the gems back. During their fight, Mizuki realizes that the magic has been turned back on. Sword Warrior explains that he uses a generator in his lair to provide magic to the city. They continue their fight, Mizuki using Sword Warrior's teleportation and sword creation abilities along with the other magic abilities she'd learned. After getting up close during the fight, Mizuki had enough certainty to reveal Sword Warrior's final secret. Sword Warrior and Taci Ramino are the same person. The two continued fighting, and Mizuki was able to get the upper hand. However, as Mizuki flew above her opponent triumphant, she passed out again, falling from the skyscraper to the streets below.


Chapter 4: Intercity Affair

Mizuki wakes up at Taci's breakfast table. Taci explains to Mizuki that copying people's powers is significantly more draining than using your own power – which explains why Mizuki has been so tired lately, and why she passed out both at the beginning of the book and in the previous chapter. After this, Taci reveals that he already has four of the five gems, and offers to take Mizuki with him to find the fifth. He also reveals that he's planning on killing King Zebugu and becoming supreme leader of the Giduli Kingdom, for some reason.

After this, Taci takes Mizuki on his biplane, and they travel to Zebugu's castle. Mizuki notes the missing third peak of the Buhivy Mountains in quite possibly the most annoying way imaginable. They then talk to Rejidi Sobygu, the royal wizard from the last book. Rejidi begrudgingly tells the two the location of the magic portal – Zoramo City. The two then leave to retrieve the final gem.

The two arrive at Wetuno Town in the Wetuno Desert. The entire town is a penal colony for people who tell too many puns (a PUNAL colony, if you will). After wandering around the town marketplace, the two run into Coruby Zozi. Coruby is the punniest of them all, and goads the two into a hole in the ground. This hole leads to a network of tunnels that Coruby set up with his ability (digging tunnels) prior to the magic being turned off. Mizuki and Taci are able to find Coruby by tricking him into yelling punchlines out loud. They defeat Coruby and take the gem, then move on to the magic portal.


Chapter 5: Now You're Thinking With Portals

Mizuki and Taci land in the extravagant Zoramo City. After asking around, the two determine that the magic portal is in the enchanted forest outside the city limits. At the portal, the two run into King Zebugu. He has been building a magic generator this entire book, and is planning on using it to turn a profit off the kingdom's magic users. Taci fights Zebugu while Mizuki places the gems back in the portal. When the magic portal turns on, however, a demon is released, bent on conquering the world. It is revealed that every character in the comic knew that there was a demon trapped in the portal except for Mizuki. The demon stabs Zebugu through the chest. It reveals its name to be “Nothing”, and claims to be the demon that was possessing the Ancestral Tree in Book 1 Chapter 2. Suddenly, Nothing is attacked by Electric Zebra. It is revealed that Zebra, Coruby, Gynu, Suzigu, and Zaxaty all knew about the demon too, and have arrived to help put a stop to it.


Chapter 6: Growth Into Darkness