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Comic 696 - Simply The Best

12th Jun 2020, 12:00 AM in BOOK 3 - Chapter 2
Simply The Best
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snuffysam 12th Jun 2020, 12:00 AM edit delete
fortunately, there's a small enough group that one shuttle will suffice...
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lirvilas 12th Jun 2020, 12:03 AM edit delete reply
everybody else gets to take the bus home!
snuffysam 12th Jun 2020, 12:10 AM edit delete reply
Yeeeah pretty much. Like the Galaxy Knights are arranging for transportation but like... the special shuttles are for Galaxy Knights and people in the tryouts only lol
Dera Nuel 12th Jun 2020, 3:27 PM edit delete reply
Dera Nuel
So my favourite characters survived the first round. I think there'll be a showdown between Mizuki and Stella though.
snuffysam 12th Jun 2020, 4:40 PM edit delete reply
Guess spear guy wasn't one of your favorites...
Sovember 13th Jun 2020, 11:52 AM edit delete reply
Wonder how many pass on average? I might have missed that
snuffysam 13th Jun 2020, 2:54 PM edit delete reply
In previous years... none, because there were no tryouts. Prior to this year, recruitments were based off recommendations from within the Galaxy Knights.
lirvilas 13th Jun 2020, 11:49 PM edit delete reply
the recommendations method sounds more effective, to be honest


is this just a giant reality show?
snuffysam 14th Jun 2020, 12:09 AM edit delete reply
Yeah the recommendations method was pretty effective, but the Galaxy Knights got hundreds of letters from people asking to join and they essentially went "well, we can't ignore ALL of these, and we certainly don't have time to review every single one, so let's just hold open tryouts and see who's actually qualified".

Though, surprisingly, despite the high volume of letters, only about a hundred people showed up to the tryouts. So it seems most of the people who wrote letters weren't willing to put their money where their mouth was.

Or... y'know...

(though, to be fair - the recommendations method wasn't as effective everywhere. i plan on going into more detail with this in a future short story, but some of the Galaxy Knights only recruited people who went to their alma mater(s), which... limited the pool a bit.)
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